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Let Your Employees and Tenants Remain Stress-Free When Looking for Where to Park. Get a Professional Towing Company to Tow Unauthorized Vehicles Out of Your Compound

Do you own a private parking lot? If yes, you probably have to deal with unauthorized vehicles parked in your space every day. Their parking takes up your space, and they take away the rights of authorized people. Moreover, there are times when stray vehicles obstruct the entrance and exit. All these issues result in unhappy tenants and frustrated employees.

You should know that some drivers park anywhere as long as there is space. But worry not – there is something you can do about all this! Simply give us a call and hire Cupertino Towing Pros to remove unauthorized cars. We provide the best private property towing services in the Cupertino area to ensure that your parking space only has authorized cars and none from unwanted visitors.

If you want to avoid legal issues due to unauthorized cars in your space, let our reliable and professional towing company handle private property towing procedures. We have a team of experienced tow truck operators who will quickly and safely tow away unauthorized vehicles from your property. Our experts know how to keep your garage and parking space free of unwanted vehicles.

In addition, we can tow everything from motorcycles and scooters to small cars and SUVs without interfering with other vehicles parked nearby. If you have a low-clearance garage, don’t worry, we can handle that too! No matter how tricky the situation is, our drivers will find a way to handle it safely!

Efficient and Affordable Private Property Towing Solutions from Cupertino Towing Pros

At Cupertino Towing Pros, we understand the severity of each situation. Also, we know that each property has its unique needs. However, we strive to provide efficient and affordable private property car towing services to all.

We work hand in hand with our clients and customize a towing solution that meets their requirements and budget. Here are some situations that might need vehicle towing:

  • Illegal parking
  • Parking overstaying
  • Unauthorized parking
  • Obstruction of the driveway
  • Dumpsters obstruction
  • Fire lane obstruction
  • Parking of abandoned vehicles
  • Obstruction of the handicapped lane


No matter where you are, do not suffer due to inconsiderate drivers. Talk to us as soon as possible, and we will come and give you the towing service you need. Here are some places that might need our private property towing assistance

  • Private parking lots
  • Apartment buildings
  • Residential areas
  • Business buildings
  • Private lots
  • Condominium buildings


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Light & Medium Duty Towing Services

Absolutely! The cost of providing towing truck service for light and medium-duty vehicles is pretty on the lower side. However, you can be sure that we provide competitive rates depending on the kind of vehicle you have. Talk to us to get a free quote.

Our towing truck company has top-notch tools and skills to ensure an efficient and safe towing experience. We understand how delicate each vehicle can be if not handled well, but we strive to ensure we give you the best towing services!

We agree that accidents can happen; we take every precaution to ensure that your vehicle is towed safely and without a single scratch. If an accident occurs, which is rare, we are fully insured and, therefore, can resolve the issue promptly. We strive to ensure that you get the utmost customer satisfaction in the services we provide.

Talk to the Top-Rated Towing Company for Fast and Efficient Private Property Towing Solutions

Do not let illegally parked cars make emergency situations worse. Take help from the leading company for private property towing. At Cupertino Towing Pros, we know how to respond to your private property towing needs. We are fully equipped to assist you no matter the size of the vehicle that you find in your parking lot.

Call us today, and we will give you a quote before dispatching a tow truck to tow unauthorized vehicles.